Biological Wastewater Products

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Common Problems We See + Solve

  • Restore & maintain nitrification
  • Filamentous & non-filamentous wastewater bulking
  • Excess polymer & antifoam use
  • Odor control including H2S                       
  • Effluent biomonitoring failure  
  • Biological nutrient removal (BNR)  – TIN & P
  • Sludge volume reduction  
  • Reduce Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOG)     
  • Enhance degradation of problematic organics     
Brown DNA helix in blue water with bubbles

Biological Wastewater Products

Data from healthy wastewater plants have allowed Aster Bio to develop advanced biomass management programs tailored to your system. 

 How We Help You:

  1. Work with you to determine conditions in biological treatment unit
  2. Evaluate options to enhance treatment efficiency
  3. If appropriate, provide customized bioaugmentation options and guidance for when you encounter biomass issues
  4. Help implement advanced biomass monitoring including use of DNA-based molecular testing

“You can’t hit pause while waiting for a report. We work hard to get you the information you need in a timely fashion.”

Biomass Products Chart

Ask about these powdered or liquid products. Safety Data Sheet for our dry/powdered products. Safety Data Sheet for our liquid products.


Reduces hydrocarbons, improves clarity, and reduces sludge in stormwater retention ponds and other water features. AB10 works to prevent algae blooms and control eutrophication naturally by cycling nutrients.


Contains a blend of bacteria selected for treatment of manure and liquid wastes from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO).

AB Biopolymer Blend

Produces biological polymers to enhance floc formation and density, which lowers chemical polymer dose and effluent TSS. Can be used in conjunction with filamentous bulking disinfection programs.

AB Lignozyme

Developed to enhance BOD5 and TSS removal in pulp and paper wastewater systems. Works over wide ranges of pH and temperature found in paper mill wastewater.

AB Munizyme

A liquid blend of AB Munizyme for use in collection systems and wastewater treatment units. Can be used with metering pumps.

AB Munizyme Liquid

A liquid blend of AB Munizyme for use in collection systems and wastewater treatment units. Can be used with metering pumps.

AB Munizyme LS

AB Munizyme Liquid with added enzymes and biodegradable surfactants. Designed to reduce grease accumulation in collection systems and lift stations.

AB Nitrozyme

A concentrated slurry of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) and Nitrite Oxidizing Bacteria (NOB) for use in establishing/restoring nitrification in wastewater treatment units.

AB Oleozyme

Biological blend for dairy and meat-processing wastewaters. Targets proteins and FOG and helps maintain conditions suitable for Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) cultures.

AB Petrozyme

Developed for use in remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons, including crude oil, fuels, and BTEX. Suitable for use in soil, groundwater, and wastewater treatment systems.

AB Petrozyme Liquid

A convenient liquid microbial formulation for use in crude oil and fuel bioremedation.

AB Phenozyme

Developed for high COD industrial wastewater treatment, AB Phenozyme can improve removal of toxic or difficult-to-degrade compounds such as phenol, BTEX, naphthalene, polynuclear aromatics, sulfides, alcohols, and other solvents.

AB S10

Containing sulfur-oxidizing bacteria, AB S10 oxidizes hydrogen sulfide and total reduced sulfides in wastewater, biological scrubbers, and collection systems. Also effective for reducing VOC and volatile organic acids.

ENVIRONMENTAL GENOMICS™ will tell you what’s doing the work in any biological system and how you can remedy the imbalance.



Benefit from sophisticated wastewater genetic testing.

Indigenous biomass imbalance symptoms can include loss of treatment efficiency, increased polymer or chemical use, or difficulty in maintaining unit operations. Aster Bio’s bioaugmentation technology uses concentrated, naturally occurring microbes to correct biomass problems and restore treatment efficiency.

Aster Bio’s unique testing enables deep microbial understanding and provides insight into the impact of slight changes on biomass treatment. A microbial community can respond quickly to changes in influent composition or operating conditions. Making effective operational decisions requires quick reporting!