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When you can’t identify what’s causing a wastewater ecosystem imbalance.the data seems too complex to understand and put to use. a wastewater solution is unclear and it’s wasting time and money. it’s on you to fix and manage the wastewater upset ASAP. what you’ve tried before just isn’t working anymore. you need to stay ahead of the biomass issues and report effectively. scientists are right here to aid in reliable wastewater management.

We help you identify groups of bacteria that perform the work — or create problems — in your WWTP.

Using the latest in molecular testing to help wastewater treatment plant operators stay on top of the ever-changing technology landscape, Aster Bio will show you how to track changes and apply a powerful biomass-monitoring system.

Rely on biomass DNA experts to determine which organisms are present and to what frequency. Your results are put to immediate use for:

  1. Monitoring biomass fluctuations associated with new influent streams
  2. Initiating operational changes
  3. Making chemical/biochemical additions
  4. Ensuring maximum biological treatment for your dollar

Years of Experience

Sites Tested

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We find solutions to your biggest challenges with our Next-generation Wastewater-monitoring Technology.

Environmental Genomics™: latest in direct biomass monitoring from our in-house lab

System Audits & Optimization

Programs specific to correcting biomass insufficiency:

  • Reduce chemical use & lower sludge volumes
  • Control odor
  • Improve biological nutrient removal – N & P
  • Enhance effluent quality
  • Extend system capacity & lower treatment costs

Our Solutions can inform and educate anyone.provide quick and accurate insight.prove to work around the nation.improve wastewater ecosystems effectively. upgrade wastewater management overall.are custom-built programs.optimize biological treatment systems.sharpen analytics and business intelligence.transform biomass chaos into order.

“Make better, timely decisions by understanding your biomass composition.

This can save on costs.”


Keep things simple with our collection kit. Use the supplied sterile pipet, transfer 2 milliliters of MLSS to a collection tube, shake to mix, and add a label.


Drop the sample in a padded envelope and ship it to our in-house lab using your preferred next-day delivery service. No ice or ice chest required.


MCA results are usually available within 5-7 business days. Samples can be rushed for results in 24-48 hours. qPCR results for tracking key strains are usually available within 24-48 hours.

BETWEEN 5-7 DAYS to view results


Who We Help



  • Pulp & paper
  • Refining/petrochemical
  • Organic chemical & pharmaceutical
  • Food processing
  • Industrial pretreatment


  • Collection systems
  • Wastewater treatment plants


Soil Contamination

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Organic chemicals (xenobiotic compounds)

Water Contamination

  • Holding ponds (surface water)
  • Groundwater

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Manage your WWTP with expert guidance.

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Biological waste treatment relies on billions of microbes to convert waste into harmless forms. Gain the latest information and techniques to improve treatment results while controlling operational costs.

Applying advanced biotechnology in the biological wastewater industry for 30 years.

Harness the power of advanced wastewater-monitoring tools.

Combining field experience in wastewater treatment and advanced biochemistry, Aster Bio’s testing comes complete with actionable reports tailored to each customer’s wastewater treatment unit.

Utilizing the latest in molecular and laboratory testing in wastewater treatment operations.

Benefit from sophisticated biological products.
Complex microbial communities degrade pollutants, leaving clean water for discharge. Aster Bio’s advanced molecular diagnostics allow evaluation of your biomass at a genetic level.

Unlike conventional laboratory tests, our Environmental Genomics™ platform allows for accurate troubleshooting — not seen with any other technology.