Aster Bio was founded in 2003 by passionate professionals with backgrounds in biological wastewater unit operations, microbiology, and biochemistry.

The Mission: To develop next-generation monitoring and bioaugmentation products for use in advanced wastewater treatment systems and in systems facing more stringent influent permits.

Our biomass products are concentrated microbial blends designed to restore a biomass to a more desirable or healthier state. Rigorously developed using both traditional microbiological techniques and the latest in DNA bioprospecting, our products are blends of growth organisms that function to restore your biomass activity in the most rapid manner possible. With Aster Bio, you get a combination of field and laboratory experience. When you use our technologies, you have a proven partner in troubleshooting and discovering opportunities to keep your system operating at peak efficiency. 

Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell PhD Aster Bio

A leading expert in Microbiomes, Wastewater Molecular Diagnostics, Biological Waste Treatment, and Bioremediation

Dr. Paul Campbell leads Aster Bio’s molecular biology and biochemistry work. His efforts to adopt advanced, high-throughput sequencing; qPCR; and other molecular technologies have led to Aster Bio’s Environmental Genomics™ testing platform, which is used to monitor waste treatment system environmental microbial populations and bioprospecting for microbial candidates to include in Aster Bio’s bioaugmentation products. Dr. Campbell has extensive experience with microbial physiology, industrial microbiology, and fermentation.

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Erik Rumbaugh

An experienced leader in Biological Waste Treatment Consulting, Wastewater, and Bioremediation

With over 30 years’ experience in biological waste treatment, Erik has seen many changes in wastewater permits and treatment options. His work includes troubleshooting systems, optimizing biological treatment efficiency, and using the latest tools and technologies to lower treatment costs while delivering better effluent quality. Current areas of research include applying molecular testing and biomass optimization techniques to meet new challenging BNR permits and biological treatment of recalcitrant and inhibitory compounds. With a background in biological waste treatment and microbial ecology, he’s also worked with animal feeding operations, aquaculture, and bioremediation companies to provide customized microbial/enzyme products.

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By focusing on biological waste treatment, the Aster Bio experts offer a different perspective from traditional chemical and equipment companies. Biological issues are often masked by chemical addition, reducing flow, or capital expenditures. Removing existing biological unit bottlenecks yields lower waste treatment costs and higher efficiency.

Aster Bio works with a wide range of systems, influents, and unique waste challenges. By evaluating the latest treatment technologies and interacting with a network of environmental professionals 24/7, we help customers achieve their environmental objectives by delivering value with every interaction.

Our dedicated experts apply advanced biotechnology to biological wastewater treatment for various sectors with different backgrounds of biomass understanding. Alongside the expertise of engineers and wastewater professionals, Aster Bio’s advanced molecular diagnostics enable evaluation of your biomass at a genetic level.

Unlike conventional laboratory tests, Aster Bio’s Environmental Genomics™ platform allows for tracking and troubleshooting with an accuracy not seen in any other technology. Your data is then used to formulate bioaugmentation products that improve control over biomass composition.