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We put Mother Nature to work

Microorganisms are nature’s recyclers. At Aster Bio we put Earth-friendly microorganisms to work to treat biological waste and reduce pollution and toxic compounds in wastewater, groundwater and soil. LEARN MORE

The Aster Bio difference

Aster Bio scientists are experts in microbial ecology, biochemistry and waste treatment. We’ve developed a leading-edge biomass management approach, including our Environmental Genomics testing, to make biological treatments work better. We use custom bioaugmentation formulations, micronutrients and process monitoring programs to help our customers meet their waste treatment goals. LEARN MORE

Micro solutions for big industry challenges

We formulate customized solutions to optimize wastewater biomass in municipal, pulp and paper, petrochemical, food processing and organic chemical wastewater treatment systems. Our formulations are used to enhance bioremediation of soils and waters contaminated by hydrocarbons and other recalcitrant chemicals. CASE STUDIES

Our bugs are better

Aster Bio is the only biological solutions company to offer leading-edge multigenomic screening technologies combined with time-tested environmental microbiology techniques to create customized biochemical products for better results. LEARN MORE

We can save you money

Aster Bio can maximize your treatment system’s performance while reducing chemical, utility and capital costs. We analyze your biological treatment system with a biomass evaluation/system audit and our exclusive Environmental Genomics DNA testing to develop a customized, effective bioaugmentation solution. LEARN MORE

A Spirit of Continuous Innovation

While we make great products and have strong application technologies, Aster Bio strives to find new better biochemical processes, organisms, and application technologies that improve on existing products and extend natural biological technologies into applications currently served only by chemical treatments. Learn more about our innovation process here.

We specialize in wastewater treatment and bioremediation for a wide range of industries
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Bioremediation for soil and water contamination
  • Oil field production
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What we do
Whether you’re starting up a new facility or looking to improve performance in an existing unit, Aster Bio can help you optimize your biological treatment system. Read more about how we help our wastewater treatment and bioremediation customers.