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What We Do
Our customers face environmental compliance challenges daily

Advanced bioaugmentation products & application technologies
Aster Bio studies wastewater and environmental samples using our Environmental Genomics™ DNA platform. In screening samples, we identify organisms associated with best wastewater operations for each application. The isolated microbes become part Aster Bio’s culture bank for use in our products. Each product relies on microbes grown using advanced aseptic fermentation to produce the highest quality bioaugmentation products, or bugs, on the market.

Programs to maximize biological unit performance
Successful biological treatment requires an environment for desirable microbial growth. Experience in both growing microbes and field experience in wastewater treatment, gives Aster Bio a unique multi-disciplinary perspective on biological waste treatment. Experience helps Aster Bio create programs that meet your waste treatment goals.

Environmental Genomics™ – 16S DNA testing
Aster Bio offers advanced 16S DNA analysis of wastewater and soil samples using our Environmental Genomics™ technology. Advanced DNA sequencing identifies the organisms both the organisms present and their relative frequency. Unlike most wastewater tests, such as respirometry, plate counts, or microscopic exam, Aster Bio’s Environmental Genomics™ examines genetic material present giving an in-depth look at the biomass.

Tox-Bac & Tox-N – rapid, easy-to-use toxicity testing kits
You want to know the impact of a new waste stream on heterotrophic or delicate ammonia oxidizing bacteria, before the waste stream reaches the biological treatment unit. Aster Bio has developed two convenient test kits, utilizing existing lab equipment, for testing potential toxicity. With rapid results delivered on-site, the kits give valuable operational information without high costs.