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Case Study

Soil Bioremediation of Lubricating Oils and Crude


An oil well casing manufacturer had over the years contaminated soil and water in a lagoon on the property. TPH testing found 2,300 – 80,000 mg/kg in multiple sampling locations on the site. Before the property could be sold, the hydrocarbon-contaminated soils and water needed to be treated.


The facility worked with Aster Bio and a local bioremediation company to develop a treatment protocol to minimize cost and time for hydrocarbon cleanup. Using a blend of nutrients, AB Petrozyme, and custom formulated surfactants, the facility used a combination of land farming and aerobic water treatment in contaminated lagoon water.


Within 120 days of project commencement, the site reached closure targets. The use of in-situ techniques for most of the remediation minimized transportation and labor costs. Overall the project was completed for $90 per cubic yard of soil treated.