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Case Study

Snack Food Manufacturer Grease Spill


A snack food manufacturing facility had an accidental release of grease and solids that ended up in a holding lagoon that was originally intended for storm water treatment. The grease was approximately 5 inches thick and contained significant quantities of starch to make a cap that was too thick to easily skim or pump off the lagoon.


Aster Bio worked with the facility to convert the stormwater lagoon into a temporary biological treatment system. The project consisted of adding aeration/mixing, nutrient, and grease degrading bacterial blend to quickly solubilize the grease cap and ensure rapid conversion of the grease before discharge into the neighboring creek.


Within 14 days of beginning the treatment, the grease layer was no longer visible. Treatment continued for an additional 28 days to get FOG and COD levels down to acceptable limits for discharge.