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Case Study

Petroleum Refining Emergency Response


A major sour crude petrochemical refinery experienced a loss in biological unit activity due to a release of oil from the EQ Tank/DAF section. The challenge was compounded by high levels of stormwater needing oil removal in the biological unit.


Aster Bio worked with the facility to increase wasting to remove the entrapped oil. In conjunction with increased wasting, the facility increased nutrient feed and began adding Aster Bio’s AB Petrozyme – bioaugmentation product. The AB Petrozyme is designed to rapidly solubilize and degrade crude oil, fuels, and aromatic compounds often found in refinery influents while also forming highly desirable dense floc.


With aggressive dosing of nutrients and AB Petrozyme, the refinery was able to reduce effluent TSS carryover in the clarifiers while also maintain COD and ammonia removal. After the dosing was concluded, the clarifiers were free from floating solids and required less polymer addition to maintaining proper settling rates.