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Environmental Genomics™
Environmental Molecular Testing

What Are Environmental Genomics?

Environmental Genomics uses the latest molecular diagnostics tools for monitoring and troubleshooting biological waste treatment systems. Recent advances in testing have made molecular diagnostics techniques a cost-effective option for environmental testing. Using technologies such as metagenomics, microbiome analysis, and qPCR, Environmental Genomics testing gives direct information on the biomass in a way that conventional monitoring (ATP, microscopic exam, respiration rates) cannot.

Why use Environmental Genomics Testing?

We fully believe that advanced wastewater systems benefit from 21st century monitoring technologies. Metagenomic testing allows for direct monitoring of the microbes responsible for waste treatment – no more subjective and trailing indicator tests. For more information on Environmental Genomics technology and how it can improve your biological treatment system’s operation, contact us.

How do I incorporate Environmental Genomics in my monitoring program?

Aster Bio has used Environmental Genomics for over 3 years for internal product development and field testing. Convenient testing uses our proprietary, ESP+ preservative and collection tubes to allow for non-refrigerated shipping when sending samples to the lab. Upon arrival, Aster Bio extracts DNA from the sample. The DNA is then ready for use in any of our downstream tests. With our experience in both wastewater treatment and molecular diagnostics testing, Aster Bio presents results in a concise, useful format. If identified, the report includes suggestions for optimizing the treatment system.

Instructions and Safety Data Sheet for Aster Bio’s Environmental Genomics sampling kit

ESP+ Instructions


Environmental Genomics testing options

Environmental Genomics Testing Options

Example output from Environmental Genomics testing

Environmental Genomics Sample Output